Monday, June 29, 2009

Knowing That There's More You Need Yet Lost On Where It Might Be.

I feel really pretty tonight. Beautiful I might dare say.
Rare has been this feeling. When it does come tho, there seems to not be anyone around to notice.

Another long weekend.
Not sure what it is I'm expecting to get from all these interactions.
I just know I've enjoyed having you around.

I haven't felt like myself much recently.
This hasn't been much of a bad thing.
The music was refreshing.

I rode my bike up the street and gave my phone number to a stranger just to get an international phone card.
I called Cairo 3 times. 3 different voices answered each attempt. None of them were who i was trying for. Didn't matter tho... It wasn't like they could hear my voice anyway...

I want to be there. I'm beginning to believe it'll never happen.

This is what happens when I don't draw. What am I doing!?

I want your body close to mine. Nothing sexual, I promise. I can see a warmth in you and I just want your company. Nothing more.
It's what I think I might need right now.

Why did I just write this?

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