Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Creepy Cool.

Rivet Gallery has been hosting some pretty sweet events. A short while back the hosted a visit and signing by Elizabeth McGrath to promote her new book release "Everything That Creeps".

(photo by Maxe)

Liz McGrath is a 3d-Illustrator who creates these very eerie characters and dark dioramas. Horribly interesting. I bought the book and have been slowly going through it, investigating all the details. She's super sweet and is even in a band called Miss Derringer. Kind of a punk-country thing going on. She played a show later on Campus but I didn't get to see it. Sounds pretty awesome tho.

Last weekend Rivet opened their new Curiosities-Group Show featuring New Works by Amanda Spayd, Jake Waldron, and J. Shea. All the work there was remarkable but I was particularly attracted to Amanda Spayd's creatures. She creates these plush figures with clay faces, uniquely detailed which such items as vintage porcelain teeth! They all seem to be so innocently creepy. Just check them out.

(this photo taken by the folks at Rivet)

Amanda was at the opening and I got to chat with her some. She was such a pleasure. Very approachable and open with talking about her work. I've met a few other artists and were real nice but seemed shy and not real talkative when it came to their art. It was very obvious with Amanda that she loved doing this. We had talked for a while. LOL I look now that Rivet's photos from the opening and all the photos of Miss Spayd are us us talking ;P

Make sure you check out the show going on through the rest of July at Rivet in the Short North!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Detachment From The Couch.

A little bug on the edge of sunshine.
I just want to get on my bicycle and ride through the city.
I want to lie in the park and read some of these books.
I've been slacking on my responsibilities.
And my desires.

There is an odd beauty outside your window that can give an inspiration no matter what your medium.

I took this picture.
It's nothing special.