Sunday, December 12, 2010

Iris and the Future

This is a watercolor piece I actually did back in the summer. I sold in on my Etsy last month to someone up in Seattle. It excites me how people from all over have found my work and are enjoying it enough to buy a piece :)

Moved into my new place in October and only now do I feel like I'm finally settling in. Sorta.
My life is constantly changing. New beginnings seem to be happening on a regular basis... I wonder when I'll finally settle.

My mind is thinking in different ways, which is surprising me. My approach to everything around me is handled in such a way... I can explain, just yet.
I discovered tumblr a while back and the way it's 'blogs' are laid out seem to work better with my thought processes lately. I feel like I can connect better, as well.

A teaser's been posted but, I'll be officially leaving this Blogger and launching myself through tumblr in the new year.

I hope we can connect there.