Monday, June 29, 2009

Knowing That There's More You Need Yet Lost On Where It Might Be.

I feel really pretty tonight. Beautiful I might dare say.
Rare has been this feeling. When it does come tho, there seems to not be anyone around to notice.

Another long weekend.
Not sure what it is I'm expecting to get from all these interactions.
I just know I've enjoyed having you around.

I haven't felt like myself much recently.
This hasn't been much of a bad thing.
The music was refreshing.

I rode my bike up the street and gave my phone number to a stranger just to get an international phone card.
I called Cairo 3 times. 3 different voices answered each attempt. None of them were who i was trying for. Didn't matter tho... It wasn't like they could hear my voice anyway...

I want to be there. I'm beginning to believe it'll never happen.

This is what happens when I don't draw. What am I doing!?

I want your body close to mine. Nothing sexual, I promise. I can see a warmth in you and I just want your company. Nothing more.
It's what I think I might need right now.

Why did I just write this?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Discovery of Other Blogs

I'll need to add a list to the right here of all the blogs and awesome sites I frequent.
Newest one I found is Eat.Sleep.Draw. Viewer submissions of their own artwork to show off. I posted one of my old Snack Monster drawings, just for fun. Can be seen here-> LOOK!
Glad a lot of people like it.
It's already been reposted a couple of times :)


is it wrong that I might want to switch blogs already?
I mean, I discovered Tumblr after I already started here on Blogger.
Most of the blogs/sites I follow are from Tumblr too.
Also, I just signed up and they actually have the username "Donia" available. I may be the only Donia you know but when it comes to the internet, I'm very much not the only one out there....


Attempts At Interior Design

Check out this article. --> Man decorates basement with $10 worth of Sharpie

Talk about cheap wallpaper. Just Awesome. The article has a nice 360 view also.

So This month, I've officially lived in this apartment for a year. This mean I finally have rental history. This is a huge deal if you know me well. I've moved around a bunch in the past 5 years and none of these places in my name. Not only is it pretty amazing for me to have my own place, it's going to [hopefully] be a pretty stable place for me to be. I don't see myself leaving this apartment anytime soon. I'll be at CCAD for a few years. I like what I've got so I best set up camp.

If I plan on being here for a while I truly need to make this place mine. To me this means interior decorating like whoa.
I have plans for each room of the apartment. Each room has some sort of theme and/or piece of artwork that is the focus or inspiration [excluding my art space aka dining room]. Creating this is a rather slow process but my goal is to have this place setup the way I'd like it by this time next year. This includes painting, furniture, decor, ect.I want this to really be home. Even though I'm very much NOT planning on staying in Columbus after I graduate I'll still be here for at least the next 4-5 years.

The first room I'm focusing on is the bathroom. Not the most amazing place but it's a good start. Small tight space, not a lot of wall to paint and honestly, it's the only room I know, 100% what I want to do with.
The artwork inspiration for this space is 'Pet Fish' by Dutch artist Lois van Baarle, also known as, Loish. This is it:

I bought a 16"x20" print off DeviantArt a while back and I'm excited to finally get this together and hang it up.
I laid out all the painters tape and have the primer paint. I put down that then get the actual color afterward. I'm super excited.
Progress pictures will come about in the near future. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Etsy Setup

I've had an Etsy account for a while but never really messed with it. Finally set it up. The only thing up right now are a few of my older Snack Monster button sets. I'll be hopefully posting more goodies as the summer goes on.

Click Here To Check Out The Listing

Otherwise I've been working back to back doubles at the restaurant. :/ Not tons of fun but money's scarce at the moment as I assume it is for most everyone right now.
I've attempted to open myself up to drawing commissions though. You can Check out my DeviantArt Journal for more info on those offerings.

Sell Out. Oh yes I am.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Exterior Vision and Interior Self

Kind of late on sharing these but oh well...

Final self portrait assignment for Color Concepts class. Two Parts. Part A: Draw in black-white/grey scale a realistic depiction of yourself. What the world sees on the outside.
Part B: In color, create a self portrait reflecting who you really are; what others normally may not see.
Then we had to write a paper about Part B and why we used the colors we did and meaning.

Got an A on entire project though I don't feel I did my best on either drawings.

The main colors used in my self portrait are brown, orange, blue, turquoise, and purple.

Brown wasn’t only chosen because it’s the natural color of my hair but, is also a neutral, down-to-earth color. I consider myself to be a rather all around and open minded woman. The color brown has been associated with such characteristics as dependability and friendliness. I’ve been told before that I can be too friendly and I’ve happily accepted that ‘flaw’.

The orange streaks in my hair represent my vibrant and sociable nature. Orange is mentally stimulating and asks for attention with out screaming for it. I’ve discovered in recent years that my craving for attention is a bigger part of my personality then I used to let on. Orange has a happy medium of attributes from both colors red and yellow. Exuding energy and possibly a slight bit of hidden aggression it balances itself out with the calmness of yellow.

Adding the blue was to do more balancing in my personality. My astrological sign is a Libra, the scales, which denotes my personality to be rather evened out. Blue and orange are not only complimentary; they’re also a contrast of warm and cool colors. Blue is a very likable color in most everyone likes some shade of the color blue. I'd like to assume I'm a rather likeable person. Blue conveys both a strong and calm feeling. Growing up the way I have and through the events I’ve faced I have stayed rather calm in the face of strife. This in turn has made me a stronger woman and will continue to as I grow. Culturally blue is associated with importance, intelligence, stability, unity and confidence.

Turquoise is used in my shirt creates a feminine appeal. I grew up a tomboy yet always had the girly daydreams in my head. Hopeless romantic, wanting to dress up, I just kept repressing it. It wasn’t until the past few years have I began to embrace the girly girl hiding beneath. Turquoise has a personal and cultural connection, specifically turquoise in reference to the mineral. Turquoise is commonly associated with the Middle East where I’m descended from. I can remember vendors selling turquoise jewelry and specifically the turquoise scarabs. This stone is associated with the American Southwest as well. I lived in Arizona for a while and it was an important time in my life. I didn’t realize how much the state had effected me until after I left but I find it a key element in who I am today.

The purple of the jacket is another nod to my astrological sign; the purple and turquoise being complimentary. This purple is a bit on the lighter side giving another suggestion of femininity. Associations include, grace, refinement, and romance; all emotions and concepts I tend to tuck under my skin. Purple is colors that invokes creativity and an artistic mind as well as boost the imagination. The artistic aspect needs no explanation but, I have a horrible habit of daydreaming at a probably unhealthy level. Fun fact, Cleopatra’s favorite color was purple, again tying me back to my Egyptian heritage. Most specifically, purple is the color of mystery. One could know me for years and still not know who I am. I like to have that mystery. I like to hope that it keeps me interesting.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Emotions Without Explinations.

This pretty much sums up what's been going through my head in the last few weeks. These daydreams are getting out of hand.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer So Far: Not As Productive As Hoped

This summer's not really gone the way I would've hoped. Not so far at least. I mean, I have had some fun nights but not too many productive ones. a few smaller doodles here or there. This drawing is the only major drawing I've done since classes ended. Forgive me for the poor photograph. All the big scanners at school are behind a locked door...
I drew this drawing of a friend and co-worker, Katie, for her birthday this past week. She was rather ecstatic. :)

I have this productive plan in my head but I'm a bit of a rut at the moment. I'm panicing financially at the moment so nothing but work at the restaurant, this week especially.