Saturday, October 31, 2009

Skin-like Vinyl.

Acrylic, Sharpie, Earring Studs, on Skin-like Vinyl.
These photos don't do it justice.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making Lines

A peek of something in development.

Today's critique helped a ton. I hope I can pull this off.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Birthday Greed.

October Sky by =sweet-reality-xo on deviantART

October is a crazy month for me. Always has been. Just so much seems to happen and I'm constantly busy. Even when I was a kid. Always things to do, places to be. Things change in October, I'm not sure why. And I'm not talking about fall really. I'm from Florida. The change to fall doesn't happen there like it does most everywhere else. October has two of my favorite holidays in it. My birthday and Halloween. [yes! My birthday is a holiday ;P]
This specific October is no exception when it comes to business.
•We had Gallery Hop last weekend where I spent my time browsing the new exhibits in the Short North and got social with locals.
•I have two benefit shows I'm trying to be in. I want at least one piece in the TaTa Gala Show, which is an event for breast cancer that's held at the Digital 3 gallery in Sarasota, FL. Also, while at Gallery Hop, I was talking to the guys at Sovereign Collective and they're having a call for artists soon for a West Memphis Three Benefit show. So I've been reading into that a will try my best to submit something.
•I have a couple of major projects, along with basic homework, due throughout the month. My self portrait for painting class is due this week and I'm really nowhere near done. I'm wrapping up an assignment for 2D Thursday and will be starting a new one immediately after. Plus the new quasi-vignette project in Color Con. I need to present the second piece in my series for drawing workshop, along side my first which needs to be redone... Oh and we have a mid-term portfolio due soon.
•Slightly more fun but, adding to the crazy, my birthday weekend is approaching. This year it's a full house and attempts at cramming fun times the whole weekend. My little sister is living with me right now, which has been an adjustment in itself, and then I have visiting in a few weeks, my older sister and one of my best friends from Orlando coming in town. At least. I have a couple others saying they might show up but, no conformation yet. heh.
•Other events at the end of the month include the Trauma Fetish Ball and CCAD's Big Boo.


BTW, for my birthday, all I want is:
•Cash Money.
•A New/Used Car.
•An Easel

the Cash Money will be spent on bills, I'm sure of it.

Happy October!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Motion and Skin

Just wanted to share the beautiful artwork of Shawn Barber.

Experiments in Light and Shadow.

We've been playing around with value in Drawing class. This is a nice loose and laid back project.
Laydown vine charcoal on paper, pretty dark.
Take kneaded eraser and start erasing away only where the light is on the figure.
Use a vinyl eraser for extreme highlights.
Go back in with a charcoal pencil and sketch in the darkest darks and outlines.

This is not amazing by any means and not very proportional but still nice to do something different. You should try it sometime.

Now Go Draw!

Drawing is More My Thing

I definently am more skilled at drawing than painting.
There is way more work that needs to be done with this. I will get back to it. I promise.
I think Oil is a beautiful medium and I seriously admire those who can control it.
I am not one of those people.
I'd rather just draw you a pretty picture.