Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Broken Promises.

Oh I'm working on things alright.
Currently hating this digital camera and the way my computer has been behaving lately.

My focus right now is to not think.

Seriously. I've realized that I think too much and that's what's distracting me from creating the way I used to.
I want to loose my mind.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I realized that I spend most of my time in transit. Hours a day, hours a week. I'm sure days worth through out the months and years. Spending time moving from one place to another.

A to B.

Walking. Everywhere.
To do laundry. To go to 7-11.
Walking to bus stops. Waiting for buses. Riding buses.
Waiting for rides.
To Work. To A Friend's. To go out to eat.
Across the country.
Waiting in the airport. Waiting for takeoff clearance. Hours in the air.

I don't know the math but, I believe I spend more than average amounts of my days/most of my life moving around. In transit.

I'd like to spend less of my life constantly moving/waiting/wasting.

Yet, nothing has come into my life to make me feel comfortable enough to settle.
At least it's been a while.