Wednesday, February 25, 2009

City Stroll.

Columbus keeps teasing me with this warm weather for a day or two then back to freezing.

Spring, please arrive. I can't take this cold too much longer.

PS- i want my own Polaroid camera. ;P

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Body Is Made Of Shapes...

This is James.
He's one of the first men I truly enjoyed drawing.

I'm actually proud of myself.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tara McPherson Visit.

So, Tara McPherson came to CCAD for a visiting artists lecture this morning. 
Before she came on stage to speak she sat RIGHT IN FRONT of me during the introductions! :D [kids, can you say art geek?]
She is one of my favorite artists. I truly admire her ability to reach out into all different types of mediums and media.
She shared all tons of her artwork with us, discussed themes from her work, her work history and some projects she has in the works for the coming year or two. Just wonderful.
Learned that she teaches an Illustration class at Parsons in New York. Had no idea she taught. She discussed it briefly but I feel like it's worth looking into. CCAD has programs where I can study at other  nationally accredited art schools around the country. You know what I'm getting at ;]

The downfall of all this is going to talks like hers, especially seeing the art of an artist I admire so much I wanted to come home and just bust out my own pieces! 
It's unfortunate that I'm over run with other assignments at the moment.
I'll manage this soon enough, I promise.

Space Filler.

The work is really piling up. My time management skills are not that great. I'm hoping I get blessed with enough money from the government, or from anyone, to not have to work and just focus on school.
One day.

Tara McPherson is doing a talk at CCAD tomorrow morning. I'm super excited.

btw, I finally got me some glasses. YaY! I can see!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Want A Rockin' Fro...

This is Carmen. She rocks the coolest fro I've seen in real life. At least one on a chick that is.

This is by far my favorite class. <3

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Steel Cupcakes.

I was right about the busy weekend last post. My restaurant had it's highest sales on Saturday. 
I know my place is great but who waits almost 3 hours for a table somewhere? 

The art history exam went better than I thought. 78 B which means the tests were curved but, I'll take it! Have a paper due for that class next time.

Finished up the painting for Fundamentals of Painting. Just a simple still life, nothing magical. [Ignore the poor qualiy this photo, it's taken w/ my cell phone.]
This was my first time using oils, ever. I'm eager to master them because at the moment I hate them.  I can't manage them the way I'd like. I think I'm just too impatient for them.  I want to get back to my acrylics and master them first :P

TaDa! Wire figures!
Harder to make than you'd think.  
The subjects I made were a light bulb, my cell phone [sort of...], a cupcake, a sandwich without the top slice of bread, and a beanie baby bear. 
All the objects had to be make of steel wire and made by using a visual reference [nothing off the top of our head.]
The bear was the only one I truly like. It bobbles around because of it's spring like body. By the recommendation of a classmate, I might just use it as a bobble guy for my car, [whenever I get it working...]
Sandwich. What more do you want?
The cupcake.  It had one of those lil candy hearts on top of it. It was delicious.

I don't really want to go to class tonight.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Here's a couple of those drawings on toned paper from class. I need to learn to not go so hard on my lines.  Work softer. :\
Our first homework assignment for drawing class is to draw an interior space with either light going into dark or dark into light. Needs to be done on the toned charcoal paper with the back and white Prismas just like what we've been working on in class.

Had our first Exam in Art History today. I don't think I did too well.

Have to also finish, mount, and wrap the border project for Color Con. As well, draw up, mount and wrap a drawing of an object in 2-point perspective for Structural [have I mentioned that I don't enjoy that class much? :P] 

I'm wondering when I'm going to find time to do these. Not this weekend. It being Valentine's Day tomorrow and scheduled doubles at the restaurant because of it, there will be no time. I know it will be crazy. 

BTW, did you know that it's National Condom Week? Have happy and safe sex this weekend!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It Piles Up...

Drawing is obviously my favorite class. Even though we're just working on still life [which I don't care for much] I just love being in there. Just drawing. I enjoy how Ms.Anita teaches and I like how focused everyone in class is. I like the energy.
We've just been working on basic concepts so far. The next process we're going to focus on is tonality, using black and white Prisma colored pencils on toned paper.  Looking forward to it.

Finished my line art for the Border project in Color Con. Felt like doing something whimsical and girly. Mermaids achieve that I think. Either that or unicorns a suppose.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Progression and Time Management...

It feels nice to actually feel productive. Not just working at the restaurant as a means to no obvious end. 
I have a few bigger projects already. For 3.D we have to make 5 objects out of steel wire. No idea what I plan on making. 
As well in Color Concepts we're starting our Border projects. For the assignment we have to create a design that shows directional movement and replicate it 3 times, each demonstrating:
A) extreme value contrast and subtle relationship of chroma, using blues
B) extreme contrast of chroma and subtle relationship of value, using primary yellow
C) extreme contrast of both value and contrast, using reds with black and white.
...did that go over your head a little? :\
I've got some sketches down, nothing finalized tho...