Monday, March 2, 2009

Major Selections.

My unfinished interior drawing for Drawing class. She said I could continue to work on it and turn it in again later. Good, since there are so many things wrong with the perspective and the only thing that's complete is my hookah [hence why it's popping out of the image so much]

Thursday, CCAD had the Major Selections open house. wandered through the Illustration and Fine Arts departments. Met an alumnus of CCAD at the illustration opening,Eric Fortune. His paintings were marvelous. 

Glad I went to the fine arts opening. Met senior, Jon Stommel, who was having his Senior Thesis show in the Acock Gallery. He was telling me how he majored in Illustration but took tons of Fine Arts courses so he could get a balance of both [which is what I'm trying to get at] It's nice to see that it's possible.

This will be a busy few weeks.

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