Friday, March 27, 2009

18 Hours in Chicago.

Yeah, Chicago. This was a sudden adventure. Yet, when am I one to turn down traveling?
Courtney's girlfriend and a friend of her were trying out for America's Next Top Model so Courtney was driving them out there for the casting call. I tagged along for the ride. ;]

Of course I visited the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the best art museum in the country.
Place was huge! Didn't even get a chance to see the whole place! :( Did get to see the following works tho among many many others.

It was kind of surreal to see these famous works in person. To think Van Gogh  stood in front of his portrait just as I was contempating each stroke. Crazy. And Seurat designing this new style. Seeing this piece in it's size is remarkable. It's nothing like looking at pictures.

I dropped $75 at the museum. Mostly on postcards and books of postcards. 

What a great city. There's no doubt I'll be going back very very soon.


  1. Thats really cool! I love the Art Institute of Chicago, they get some really cool exhibits that go through. Every time I'm up there I try to visit it.
    Its interesting that ever since Millennium Park opened with its crazy sculpture (the bean), everyone seems to take a picture with it lol.
    ps: I miss you! :)

  2. well it is a pretty awesome bean thing! :D

    I really want to go back very soon. You should tell me when or if you go to Chicago sometime so I can :O