Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Steel Cupcakes.

I was right about the busy weekend last post. My restaurant had it's highest sales on Saturday. 
I know my place is great but who waits almost 3 hours for a table somewhere? 

The art history exam went better than I thought. 78 B which means the tests were curved but, I'll take it! Have a paper due for that class next time.

Finished up the painting for Fundamentals of Painting. Just a simple still life, nothing magical. [Ignore the poor qualiy this photo, it's taken w/ my cell phone.]
This was my first time using oils, ever. I'm eager to master them because at the moment I hate them.  I can't manage them the way I'd like. I think I'm just too impatient for them.  I want to get back to my acrylics and master them first :P

TaDa! Wire figures!
Harder to make than you'd think.  
The subjects I made were a light bulb, my cell phone [sort of...], a cupcake, a sandwich without the top slice of bread, and a beanie baby bear. 
All the objects had to be make of steel wire and made by using a visual reference [nothing off the top of our head.]
The bear was the only one I truly like. It bobbles around because of it's spring like body. By the recommendation of a classmate, I might just use it as a bobble guy for my car, [whenever I get it working...]
Sandwich. What more do you want?
The cupcake.  It had one of those lil candy hearts on top of it. It was delicious.

I don't really want to go to class tonight.

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