Monday, February 23, 2009

Tara McPherson Visit.

So, Tara McPherson came to CCAD for a visiting artists lecture this morning. 
Before she came on stage to speak she sat RIGHT IN FRONT of me during the introductions! :D [kids, can you say art geek?]
She is one of my favorite artists. I truly admire her ability to reach out into all different types of mediums and media.
She shared all tons of her artwork with us, discussed themes from her work, her work history and some projects she has in the works for the coming year or two. Just wonderful.
Learned that she teaches an Illustration class at Parsons in New York. Had no idea she taught. She discussed it briefly but I feel like it's worth looking into. CCAD has programs where I can study at other  nationally accredited art schools around the country. You know what I'm getting at ;]

The downfall of all this is going to talks like hers, especially seeing the art of an artist I admire so much I wanted to come home and just bust out my own pieces! 
It's unfortunate that I'm over run with other assignments at the moment.
I'll manage this soon enough, I promise.

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