Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Work Doodles and Creating Productivity...

On a particularly slow lunch shift a few weeks ago I doodled these at work.

I got to thinking that I haven't really free sketched in a while. Part of this, I'm aware, is because I'm not surrounded by creative energy like I was in Columbus and at CCAD. I also realized I stopped carrying around a sketchbook. I constantly had one on me during high school and used it regularly and I had a small one I carried in my bag when I lived here in AZ a few years back but nothing really since. I've had a couple small moleskine journals but I mostly used them to jot down ideas that came to me or notes for future projects.
But, why?
Why did I stop using a sketchbook and/or creating are so steadily like I used to? An artist's block is merely another label for distractions. Things like jobs, significant others, the internet, and TV, families, responsibilities as well as laziness.
I need to get productive or at least get moving. I've been feeling kind of down since I've moved out here and I think a big part of it is the lack of art surrounding me.
I have no excuse not to create SOMETHING. Even if it's a simple sketch.
I've seen a group of artists do a sketch a day though their blogs last year and recently a friend just started to do something similar over the summer with drawing something everyday now through august.

I've decided I'm going to carry a sketchbook with me again.
I am also doing to draw/doodle something everyday and/or at least work on the progress of a bigger piece of art.
I will document and post here.
I feel like this will get me productive again and progress toward the progress video blogs I want to make.
On that note I'll leave you with a few art vlog/progress videos from a few artists I admire :)

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