Friday, May 7, 2010

Visual Art for the Ears.

I went to see my favorite band perform last night at a small venue just a few steps from my apartment here in Tempe. MONO is a instrumental rock/ post-rock band from Tokyo. They don't tour North America often so there was no way I was missing this.
I'm not a photographer and all I own is a small point and shoot camera but here are a few shots I took from the show that I liked.

I'm not one with much knowledge about must but, all this art for the ears got me thinking about all the art that is plastered on musicians' album covers.
I complied this visual list of sweet album covers and links to the artists [if available :/ ]
Ready, Set, Photo Spam!

Aaron Janinski

Mark Ryden

Julie Bell

Alex Pardee He also did The Used's 'In Love and Death' album.

Alex Grey has done a couple of Tool's album covers along with much of their merchandise.

Done by the author of one of my favorite graphic novels, Craig Thompson

Drawn by the band's lead, Gerard Way.

Sanna Annukka

Dan Mumford

Paul Romano

Esao Andrews

Will Sweeney

Marq Spusta

both of the above and all the art direction is by Alan Aldridge. He also did the Beatles Illustrated Lyrics

Takashi Murakami

And I'm sure there are many many more that I can't think of/find at the moment.

Also, since I'm mentioning music I'm going to plug the music review site/blog Klap 4 Music written and maintained by an acquaintance of mine, Rudy Klapper.

What are some of your favorite illustrated album covers? Please Share!

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  1. Beatles artist Alan Aldridge did a stunning magazine cover Deepak Chopra's MYMAG