Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sketch 4 Sketch

Zerofriends duo, Dave Correia and Alex Pardee set out on a US road tour about a month ago called Sketch4Sketch where the two artists traveled to different locations around the country asking you to trade them a drawing for a sketch from each of them. A brilliant idea, I think. Illustrators as touring rockstars? Oh yes.

Well I caught up with them here in Phoenix at Red Hot Robot.

The table of t-shirts and prints

The line of eager fans waiting to trade

Dave [left] and Alex[right] check out the art you trade them and chat it up while they draw.

I traded the boys a few things including the Pop Surrealism piece I did for ColorCon based off Alex Pardee's work, some buttons, a print of my Venus of TaTa and a Snack Monster print, Matinée Snack.
They loved the snack monster and their quick sketches for me were inspired by my junkfood eating creature.

Zerofriends crew member Sean told us stories while we waited. Stories about the true origins of Batman and how he used to cuddle his pet bunnies and pretend they were unicorns :D

Alex sketching something for me

Dave sketching a pumped up Snack Monster

And these are the result.

Snack Monster on Steroids! :O from Dave Correia

Alex Pardee's Giant Mutant Hot Dog Eating a Snack Monster!! Oh Noes!

Hooray for Traveling Artists and Art Trades!!


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