Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunny South West

So I've been MIA
and for good reason.

At the beginning of March I made the cross-country move to Arizona.
Drastic change? oh yes.

I loved Columbus, truly did [minus that whole winter thing] and I absolutely loved CCAD just personally it wasn't going to work for me without a ridiculous [financial] struggle.
I'm so glad I took my foundations year at CCAD. One year transformed me immensely as an artist but, I still have more to develop.
To continue on the path to a degree [before I turn 30] I made the hard decision to transfer to a public university. I wanted to attend one that had a reputable art program in a location I knew I could live on my own in. Arizona State University became my answer.

So here I am in Phoenix/Tempe, Arizona

Let the art making and degree pursuit begin.

I leave you w/ a dump of photos from the Phoenix Art Museum and the ASU Art Museums.

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