Friday, February 19, 2010

Chihuly in Columbus

It's been awhile and for good reason.
Due to finances and other complicated situations I had to withdraw from CCAD for this semester. It was a really rough decision to make but, I promise, there is a plan in the works. A surprising future is coming. Keep an eye and an ear out.

So, since I haven't been in art school I've mostly been back at the restaurant working, making and saving money. I try my best to continue to go out and see what's happening in Columbus, art-wise, even though I'm not directly involved anymore.
I have to say right now though, Columbus is the place to be if you're into Glass. Popular glass artist,Dale Chihuly has TWO shows going on in Columbus right now and I'm lucky to be within a walking distance of both of them.

He has Chihuly:Illuminated at the Columbus Museum of Art, downtown next to CCAD's campus and Chihuly:Reimagined at The Franklin Park Conservatory which is literally across the street from my apartment.

About a month ago me and a friend who was visiting the city went to the Columbus Museum of Art and checked out the show. The theme that was involved was the use of glass and light together, playing off of and with each other. Here are some photos from our visit:

A couple days ago I wanted to play around w/ the new digital camera I bought myself and so I trekked through the knee-high snow mounds across the street to the Conservatory. Chihuly's work here was Art and nature incorporated. There were a lot of works outdoors and I may go back once the snow melts to see these works in a different way but they still have an impact covered in snow.

Did you know that Chihuly paints too? A couple of images of his paintings from both CMA and Franklin Park:

And here's a few awesome flower shots I took, just because. :)

The Show at Franklin Park goes on thru March 28th and the show at CMA is going on thru July 4th and during the museum's remodeling. Do check them out if you've got some time!

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