Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Week Down and I'm Already Engulfed

The project wall is slowly being taken over again. It makes me happy and nervous all at the same time.
I'm actually excited about all my classes this semester [with the exception of 'Writing and the Arts' :P] There are a ton of promising projects for me to look forward to. I wish I could put more into everything but, I still have to go to work.
I'm actually very nervous about my living situation. Financially at least. I'm going into see the Vice President again to ask about small loans. Just something so I can at least pay for rent. It's the hardest thing to take care of while in school. The other bills I can handle with what I make in the weekend shifts at the restaurant. Next semester will be easier. I'll be able to get more money as a sophomore.
Other than cash flow, the major stress on my mind is this drawing workshop class. All of it is both amazing and nerve racking at the same time. Our ongoing assignment through out the semester is a 4-6 piece series. I have to present my idea for this series and artist of reference tomorrow, or at latest Wed [since I'm the only underclassman in the group I luckily have a longer deadline.] I have tons of ideas I want to tackle but they are big projects I think I'll be saving for more research leading up to possibly my senior thesis. Other ideas I've been developing seem too cliche and I really want to challenge myself in this class. Ugh, I can't explain these ideas very well... I guess that's why I'm a visual artist.

Other than that panic it's just been basic homework time. Above is my Drawing II Homework in progress. We had to draw the leg bones in a frontal, side and back view. Then on parchment paper, draw an overlay of the leg muscles and label everything. This'll be something I'll be doing through the semester with other limbs and body parts...

Well back to more research then off to work for the night.

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