Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Progression of Deliciousness..

Overwhelmed! It's awesome and upsetting at the same time. Putting my schedule together for next semester. Tweaking a few extra details. The real issue though is finding a way to pay for it all next semester...

Went to the Tolstedt show the other day with Christopher and Katie. First off the gallery was far from your ordinary set up. This house in a quaint house in the German village. All the artwork was hung around the place as one would just hang art in their home. I kind of liked it in that setting. It really added to the whole feeling of the work. 

I have to say. Seeing the images I've posted here on my blog is NOTHING in comparrison to seeing these drawings live and right in front of you.

Most of his drawing are done in colored pencil but a few are drawn in Silverpoint [which we're going to learn starting tomorrow! *glee!*] Yeah, drawing with actual silver.

Also showing at Keny gallery was Ray Kleinlein who actually studied under Tolstedt. He does still life work as well but in oil. And he cakes that stuff on! Amazing though.

So now, my attempt. 
Here are some progress shots of the long, tightly rendered still life assignment for Drawing class. Cookies! done in prismacolor pencils.

Not completely finished yet. I'm actually finishing it up right now. Have a pre-portfolio review in class tomorrow. Going to go over EVERYTHING I've done for the class to prep for the finial portfolio review and assignment.

Here's the set-up for the Cookie Still Life. Had the cookies stacked up in my kitchen cabinet. Safest place for them so they wouldn't get disturbed for the few weeks and no worry about if Eevee would eat them or something :( Set up a small lamb IN my cabinet to give light. I sat pretty much in the kitchen sink to draw the still life. What artists will do in the name of art...

The cookies are beyond stale now. Sad since I've been holding back from eating them since I set up for the drawing.

I'll take a final photo of the drawing as soon as I can. I'm also going to try and get some scans of some a few of my other works.

Summer's coming. I'm super excited, aren't you?

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