Thursday, April 30, 2009

Late Nights Promise A Nice Summer...

Less than 3 weeks left of classes. As I've been saying constantly, there's so much work to be done.
3 Self Portraits.
Final Drawing Portfolio.
Final Oil Painting.
Manikin illustrations.
Art History final.
Make-up work for Structural.


Not too mention the scramble for money. The state of Ohio dropped grants from private colleges so I'm not getting anything extra like I expected to. I have to write up ANOTHER appeal letter.

I have my schedule for next semester tho. 18 credit hours.
My thursdays are going to be ridiculous once again. 8am to 9:30pm. At least I'll have my short Fridays again.

Drawing Workshop
Draw II
Writing and the Arts
Digital Design and Type
Art History
Drawing Workshop
Draw II
Writing and the Arts
Painting II
Color Con
Art History

Pile it on. The quicker the better.
Also figured I'm going to most likely take a majority of my basic pysch classes for my art therapy minor over at Columbus State . It'd be cheaper and I can take them over the summer or whatnot to speed up the process. Doing this will save room for more of the fine arts course I want too.

This is the silverpoint drawing I've been working on. Model Katie again. Lovely.
I've decided to make silverpoint a goal of mine. I'm way too heavy handed and this is a lot darker than it should be. You need an intense amount of patience to do silverpoint. Soft, smooth lines are the key. Erasing is pretty much not an option, hence the need to take your time. It forces you to think before you make a mark.
I actually liked silverpoint a bunch.
back to work.

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