Saturday, July 3, 2010


I realized that I spend most of my time in transit. Hours a day, hours a week. I'm sure days worth through out the months and years. Spending time moving from one place to another.

A to B.

Walking. Everywhere.
To do laundry. To go to 7-11.
Walking to bus stops. Waiting for buses. Riding buses.
Waiting for rides.
To Work. To A Friend's. To go out to eat.
Across the country.
Waiting in the airport. Waiting for takeoff clearance. Hours in the air.

I don't know the math but, I believe I spend more than average amounts of my days/most of my life moving around. In transit.

I'd like to spend less of my life constantly moving/waiting/wasting.

Yet, nothing has come into my life to make me feel comfortable enough to settle.
At least it's been a while.

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