Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swirls and Women.

Women are highly sensitive and moody creature. No matter how rough and stable of an impression they give off, they are still just women. Insecurities are something we all have in common. They might varry in subject or degree but, for the most part, all of us have some kind of insecurity. Image, career path, dating, habits....
I vented with a friend the other night about my recent anxiousness about my art and having left CCAD and attempting ASU in the fall. I'm eager to start back schooling but, it still doesn't seem right. Something is off....
My friend didn't say much in response but, a simple few words. Sometimes that's all we need to calm the mind.
Sometimes the ear from a certain person can subdue mental stress.

We still have insecurities and no matter what forces from the outside try and assist with them, it truly all comes down to yourself. Taking command of your own mind and making yourself who you want to truly be.

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