Monday, December 21, 2009

Dissecting Gaga.

Love her or hate her, Lady Gaga is an artist.
I'm not even going to get into her music right now. I might be the product of two musicians but, I'm really not one to critique music.
At the moment, I'm talking more on a visual standpoint. And some?
Lady Gaga can be classified as avant-garde. A little on the wild side... Though, she make me think of another "crazy" musician

To the point,
this was all brought on by me seeing Lady Gaga's video for her new single, 'Bad Romance'.

Take a look:

This video is intense.
First off, it's directed by Francis Lawrence. The same director for I Am Legend, Constantine, and the [recently cancelled *tear*] television show Kings. Awesome.
Second, most of the fashion seen in this video is by Alexander McQueen. or by Lady Gaga's own fashion collective, Haus of Gaga. Here's a blog about this videos fashions.

Watching it I, personally [being the super art geek I am], attached a few scenes to some visual artists.
I really don't think Gaga had any of these artists in mind when creating this video....

I couldn't find any decent screen caps [surprisingly] but, in the video where Gaga has very little makeup/natural makeup on I think she looks a lot like a mixed media art vlogger off YouTube.
I dunno, that could just be me...

Latex dancers.
I know the skin tight latex is a common theme in the fetish community but, I can't help but think of Lithium Picnic, my favorite fetish photographer, when I see this type of thing.

and speaking of Lady Gaga versus LP;
Hello Kitty goodness lol

Just thought I'd throw that in there...

Big Eyed Gaga in tub.
I instantly thought of Chris Scarborough and his surreal wide eyed photographs and drawings.

And just to share, This is my favorite part of the video:

Ah! The dark glamour. So gorgeous! The colors and the lingerie and the diamonds. Wonderful.

Oh, btw, there's a Wii Nunchuck in the video too. Apparently, Nintendo will release a new game where you can bid for women for your evenings pleasure.

If anyone's interested, I also found this article about the occult meanings of this video.

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