Friday, May 15, 2009

Summertime, I've Been Awaiting Your Arrival...

Finished up all my classes before noon this morning. Rock on! Time has flown by!! I think I've done really well. My Art History and Structural still a bit up in the air though... I'm sitting on a 3.34 average not including those two classes :/ Art school is harder than you think...

THE SHOW is tonight. THE SHOW is the student exhibition which goes through the summer and, in some locations, through out the next semesters. Tonight is the opening of the exhibitions as well as the Senior Fashion Show and Animation Thesis'. My cookies are on displayed up on the second floor of the B&E Building on the CCAD Campus is you're interested in checking them out sometime.  
It's a relief to think I can just chill and party tonight. Tomorrow is also my first Saturday off in a long while. I'm taking advantage by sleeping in and then going to AGORA in the afternoon.
I have so many summer projects in mind.  Nothing but good can come of this summer break.


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