Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Beginning...

Today was the start of something great for me. This is finally, really, happening.

Only had Drawing and Painting class today. I'm looking forward to the rest of this week.
The courses I'm taking this semester are:
-Drawing I
-Fundamentals of Painting
-Art History [beginning of time to 1500]
-Color Concepts

Today was also the start of something new and great for our country. Our newest president came into office this morning.

Watched most of the Inauguration on a big screen set up in the Canzani Center lobby. I'd never really watched any of these things before. The last election was the first that I could vote in. I cared very little about politics then and especially didn't care for either of the top candidates running for office at the time. Honestly, I had voted just because I could. 
I feel slightly more focused and pay much more attention to current affairs then I did 4 years ago.  Growing up helps.  This country has changed a lot since I was a child, in many negative ways from what I can see. 
Wonder what our president has in store for us.

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